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Timothy Schoorel 2001 in Bodanath, Photo © Copyright by Timothy Schoorel
Timothy Schoorel

Free will and your ultimate nature

Free will comes directly from your ultimate nature, but few understand this. Dive in!

The highest value in life

Isn't freedom the highest value in life? A higher value than even love? Does freedom mean that there's no responsibility? It's questions like these that I'll address in the following pages. What is Truth? What does spirituality mean? What is spiritual Enlightenment? How does one integrate one's spiritual understanding with daily life, living in a modern society?

Free e-book

In 1999 I wrote and published a book titled The 7 Principles of Freedom, which is now available on-line as a free e-book. Enjoy and take it to heart, if you will. That's between you and you. I'm doing my part by trying to convey my understanding as clearly and concisely as I can and making it available to you.

Feedback and questions

Unlike my book, this website is never finished as I'll be adding new pages on a regular basis. You can e-mail me if you want to respond, or if you have questions on subjects that are discussed here.

Namasté, Timothy Schoorel

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