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Our natural state

Can you imagine a flower that's afraid to die? How do you think that will influence the way it grows? Somehow the whole flower will be inhibited. The flower will not be a natural and free expression of life. But flowers are not afraid to die, the beauty of nature is that it expresses itself freely, it is not inhibited by a constant fear. Fear has a function in nature, but it is not a way of life. This need not be different for human beings, we can mature into our natural state. Enlightenment is not an extraordinary state, it is our natural state.

We associate 'nature' and 'natural' with plants and animals, not with ourselves, not with human beings. If we do think of natural human beings, we think of bushmen or of new born babies or young children. We don't really have a concept of a natural, adult human being, who is not a primitive. We have lost contact not only with nature at large, but also with nature within the human being. We don't feel we are nature. We think we are separate from nature.

Being natural as an animal is different from being natural as a plant. In the same way being natural as a human being, is different from being natural as an animal. We don't want to regress to being natural animals, but to mature into natural human beings. Not natural in a primitive sense, but in a modern sense, in a human way. Enlightenment is the introduction of natural life, of a natural humanity. Enlightenment will not make you a super-man, not an 'übermensch', but a natural man. An ordinary, but fear-free human being. Enlightened ones are not holy men, they are simply natural men and women. What do you think enlightenment is, in reality? Enlightenment means that your human nature is free. Your life is like the sunrise, it all happens naturally.

Paradigm Shifting:
From Control to Spontaneity

Because no one wants to do the wrong thing, we distrust spontaneity. We believe that spontaneity is something for very young children, but not for responsible adults. We are control-minded, we are not a spontaneous species. We try to control people, we try to control our future. Sometimes the natural thing is to take control, but control is almost an obsession for us. We need a couple of beers too many to get out from under our own control.

But why? Is that the way to go? Do we fundamentally want to control everything? The whole idea of controlling people seems to be inhuman and disrespectful. Yet we attempt to control ourselves and other people. The paradigm of control divides us into two: the one that lives, and the one attempting to control the one that lives. A schism is created in your heart and mind. You are a natural being, undivided, but without trust in your own nature, with fear deep in your heart, it becomes impossible to live spontaneously.

Why this desire to control everything? Maybe we are afraid that there will be chaos and anarchy. When nature has its way, do we call that chaos and anarchy? Or is it natural balance and natural harmony? We do not trust our intelligence to flow freely. We do not trust our nature. Our nature is imprisoned by a controlling mind. Why not base your life in spontaneity, in freedom of expression, in the excitement of not knowing how you might respond next... Trusting it, not being afraid of it. It would be smarter to trust nature instead of fearing it and being suspicious of it.

How do we evolve into natural human beings? We cannot impose naturalness onto ourselves. We cannot impose spontaneity onto ourselves. We are like flowers that need to open naturally. We cannot force ourselves open. Then how to become natural? In realizing absolute truth you transcend the human being and become stress-free at the core of your human existence. After Transcendence, your whole life is naturally sorted out, like water finds its way downhill. After Realization, you begin to trust your human nature, and your life becomes a natural phenomenon. It may not sound very glamorous, but a human being's greatest freedom is being natural.


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